"5 Slider slip plates have been a part of Skelton total maintenance program for over seven years. The product proves itself in many more areas than cleanliness. Using 5 Slider has extended our front tire life and given us considerable savings in grease and labor. Some of our older units have close to 600, 000 miles on them and are still functioning great. We will not have a truck on the road without having a 5 Slider slip plate installed on it and that policy will continue."
Ron Skelton-Director of Maintenance, Skelton Truck Lines Ltd.
Markham, ON
"I have used 5 Slider slip plates for 13 years. It's the best performing after market product you can install on a tractor. Not only does it save me money on tires, grease, cleaning and labor; my units have handled better and safer over the years thanks to 5 Slider."
John Cleland
Belgrave, ON
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With over 20 years of field testing and proven performance, 5 Slider slip plates are designed to make a difficult job easy. It is an advanced fastening system that eliminates the need for grease and ensures a long, maintenance free life for your fifth wheel. Not only can you save on maintenance fees, but 5 Slider also extends the life of your steer tires, improves driving ease and is environmentally friendly to boot!
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