We recommend the use of safety equipment when installing the 5 Slider® slip plates. Estimated installation time is one hour.
1. Disconnect tractor battery to prevent damage to electronics.
2. Clean fifth wheel top plate.
3. Fit 5 Slider to plate avoiding underlying grooves.
4. Mark all holes and remove plate.
5. Grind all areas to be welded.
6. Set stick or mig welder between 90-120 amps.
7. Clamp 5 Slider in position.
8. Clamp L-shaped bar and weld bead along all edges.
9. Bevel edges and any sharp plastic areas with grinder to ensure smooth ramping of the trailer.
10. Tap weld washers with a hammer and 15/16" socket to set them below the plastic. This will check your weld and tighten the place to the fifth wheel.
With the 5 Slider slip plates installed, you're ready for hook up.

With over 20 years of field testing and proven performance, 5 Slider slip plates are designed to make a difficult job easy. It is an advanced fastening system that eliminates the need for grease and ensures a long, maintenance free life for your fifth wheel. Not only can you save on maintenance fees, but 5 Slider also extends the life of your steer tires, improves driving ease and is environmentally friendly to boot!
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