The 5 Slider slip plate is made of superior quality ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW). It is designed as an environmentally sound advanced fastening system that eliminates the need for grease.
NEW! The Plate cover is now available in UV Resistance Yellow!

WARRANTY: 5 Slider slip plate is warranted against faulty material and workmanship for 3 years or 300,000 miles. Improper installation, excessive abuse and "King Pin Hits" void this warranty.

Note A: 5 Slider slip plates should not be used in conjuction with plastic upper plates.
Note B: Fifth wheel locking mechanism must still be lubricated and maintained during the life of your 5 Slider slip plate.
The diagram below shows that a 5 Slider slip plate can be safely installed on a fifth wheel without adversely affecting safe coupling as there is still sufficient clearance for the jaws to work properly.

Coupling Diagram

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Alot of miles, high recommended that the slider does not get to this condition..but it is still able to operate! Latest 5 Slider model-approx. 6 months wear Previous 5 Slider model, 2 years wear Notice how clean the surrounding area around the 5th wheel is Notice how clean the air hoses and back of the truck are 
    Previous model-more than a year's wear, good condition, mainly hwy miles
Top Row (Left to Right):
1) Alot of miles, highly recommended that the 5 Slider does not get to this condition, but wheel is still able to operate.
2) Latest model-Approx. 6 months wear
3) Notice the cleanliness around the 5th wheel
4) Notice how clean the area surrounding the fifth wheel is
5) Notice how clean air hoses and back of truck are
Bottom Row (Left to Right):
1) Installation prepped wheel which previously had 5 Slider installed, ready for a new one
2) Installation-preparing it for welding, Bruce showing mechanics the proper installation
3) Installed plate
4) Previous model-year's wear, needs replacement
5) Previous model-more than 1 year's wear, good condition, mainly hwy miles

With over 20 years of field testing and proven performance, 5 Slider slip plates are designed to make a difficult job easy. It is an advanced fastening system that eliminates the need for grease and ensures a long, maintenance free life for your fifth wheel. Not only can you save on maintenance fees, but 5 Slider also extends the life of your steer tires, improves driving ease and is environmentally friendly to boot!
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