You can get more mileage from your steer tires using 5 Slider. Pushing and scrubbing of tires is reduced because the 5 Slider slip plates will never go dry.
5 Slider is made with high quality ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) which can outwear steel. There are 5 Slider slip plates on trucks with over 400,000 miles per plate and still going strong!
5 Slider's low friction shock absorbing UHMW slip plates reduce poor handling, driver fatigue and provide better driving ease. This also means less dog tracking and easier steering especially in extreme road conditions!
For A and B train applications, 5 Slider slip plates provide ease of handling because the train follows properly and safely.
5 Slider requires no grease or other lubrication and will remain slippery even in extreme weather conditions, unlike grease.
5 Slider means lower maintenance cost since there's less down time for greasing and cleaning!
It's estimated that there is over 15 million pouds of fifth wheel grease that pollutes our highways and is washed down floor drains annually. With 5 Slider no grease will be introduced to the environment through general use or from cleaning your fifth wheel.
5 Slider slip plates are designed to fit any fifth wheel.
 • No More Top Plate Grease
 • Extended Mileage for Steer Tires
 • Less Down Time for Greasing and Cleaning  
 • No More Dry Fifth Wheel
 • Easier Handling
 • Reduce Wear on Tires When Making Sharp Turns
 • Less Dog Tracking
 • No Mess
 • Reduce Grease Contamination
 • Reduce Driver Fatigue

With over 20 years of field testing and proven performance, 5 Slider slip plates are designed to make a difficult job easy. It is an advanced fastening system that eliminates the need for grease and ensures a long, maintenance free life for your fifth wheel. Not only can you save on maintenance fees, but 5 Slider also extends the life of your steer tires, improves driving ease and is environmentally friendly to boot!
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